The Best NonProfits To Work For

nonprofits to work for

You’ve searched for an article about the best places to volunteer, so I assume that you are, perhaps, a teenager trying to move the world! Or… An ambitious person who has the constant desire for the better of society.

Whichever one you are, we are here to help you quench your thirst by presenting you the top 5 non-profit organizations to work for and ensure that the tomorrow’s world will be a better one.

Food Gatherers

The food gatherers’ project is very ambitious – ending world hunger! This organization’s rating is the best, as stated by some experts. In my opinion, they sure could use your support, from which you are guaranteed to get the satisfaction of helping tens of millions of people.

According to the same experts, in the fiscal year of 2017 alone, they helped deliver over 5 million pounds of food to the ones in need. You know, sometimes the people that are not supposed to be paid can do more even than people that are paid in 4-digit salaries a month, so I am wholeheartedly recommending Food Gatherers as one of the best non-profit organization you could work for.


Plant–with-Purpose presents a project that our world really needs, especially now. They are a team of volunteers that are striving to alleviate global warming and climate change by giving the poor rural communities the power to overcome their situation.

The way they are achieving this is by helping these communities transform themselves through spiritual, economic and environmental growth. One thing that restores my faith in humanity is that Plant-with-Purpose achieves a restoration of 1% of world’s vegetation every 8 years. Be sure to consider them in your career as a benevolent hero.


Seacology is a project that plans on protecting the world’s islands and their communities. Their run has the objective of preserving the natural resources and giving those peoples better life condition. The milestone that they achieved since 1991 is launching 300 projects around the world!

Three hundred!! With Seacology’s help, over 1.3 MILLION acres form the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems were protected. In my opinion, organizations like Seacology are the proof that humanity has a better tomorrow, if we lend a helping hand to charitable causes like this one.


RAN has a pretty self-explanatory mission, which can be understood just by reading the title – Preserving the forests. Also, they are defending the climate; which show that there may be not very many people understanding the risks of global warming, but the few ones that understand, are enough to build a better future.

Also, another branch of this foundation upholds the human rights, challenging corporate and systemic injustice through strategic campaigns. Boy, this is a good cause to fight for, considering how common injustice is in these days.


(RED) focused on raising awareness regarding AIDS and implicitly HIV infections. The results they already achieved are marvelous: With only 20 cents, a mother can buy a pill that will prevent her child from being infected with HIV.

The medication has to be taken daily, but hey! This is a huge step towards eliminating the HIV threat. (RED) has contributed by giving about 22 million people suffering from AIDS access to medication that saves their life. The number of newborns infected with AIDS is just one third compared to now a decade.

We have given you some options, upcoming hero! Now, it’s up to you to choose which foundation will write your name in stone for the future generations to admire. The list above contains what we found to be the most ambitious projects and the ones that sound the most promising. Now, it’s your turn to get involved!