Finding Volunteer Opportunities For Teens

volunteering teenagers

One of the key questions vexing parents of adolescents, educational institution heads, youth leaders, NGOs, and social workers is how to find volunteer opportunities for teens. It is widely acknowledged that volunteer opportunities help teens pick up life skills, values, confidence, empathy, and wider community awareness. While it is not about any money, what they earned in volunteering will help them all along the way in life and profession.

There are many resources available for people who are thinking of getting into community service but don’t know how. One direct way of going about it is contacting community volunteer bureaus in different towns and cities who can help you find from a wide range of volunteer options. These positions could be full-time or part-time, one-time, short-term or ongoing and you can pick the one that suits you, your interests and convenience.

Finding Opportunities:

One alternative is to contact NGOs, service clubs, charities, and organizations that put out information about their volunteer opportunities and needs on their websites, newsletters or offices. Such organizations would gladly welcome enthusiastic and motivated teens. If you love animals and pets then a local animal shelter or animal welfare organization can put you onto a likable volunteering task. Alternatively, you can reach out to special schools to help differently abled children, if that interests you. You can probably read to them or other children at local libraries or if you are the type with awareness and interests in the local sights and monuments then you can be at the museum leading guided tours.

Some of the other opportunities relate to offering help at a Sunday school at the church or helping patients, especially seniors within and outside the local hospital or nursing homes. Charities and NGOs would always appreciate volunteer help in regard to maintaining, updating and enhancing their website or social media pages, provided you are tech-savvy enough to do it.

Volunteering for Specific Tasks

While these were the short term or ongoing volunteering ops, you can think of specific tasks as a volunteer that may take a few hours on a single occasion. These could be

• Associate with a fundraiser volunteering bake sale, garage sale or charity car wash in aid of an NGO or charity organization.

• Involving in children’s activity, emcee, DJ, decoration, or host at a local community social or sport event.

• Participation or organization of fundraising at a charity walk, run or local event.

• Local spring cleaning, tree-planting or afforestation drives.

• Organize or help out at a local community kitchen or food event.

Family Volunteering

While these are individual opportunities, a first timer would be a bit apprehensive and would appreciate some hand-holding or a oft landing’ into such events with help from the family. For such instances, there are volunteering opportunities for the entire family together that would help all of them spend some wonderful time together, and help develop teens’ interests while being a good introduction to volunteering.

Some of them involve organizing family events for local charity, serving food and running errands at charity events, working at the local food bank, organizing a garage sale, charity athletic events and many more.

Teens would love such events because it helps them raise their self-esteem, meet with a larger community, work in their area of interest, be of help to others and find an outlet for their energies and ideas.

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